Grade 7: Hanulka, Mr. Tall, President Jerry, Stella, Mr. Simple and ImLegendary

Course Outline:


Current Unit


Area of Interaction

Human Ingenuity

Guiding Questions

What would life be like today without the Renaissance?

Summative Assessment

presenting research of a Renaissance idea


Hannah and Hania

Oliver and Seoung Woo

Seung Hwan and Ji Min



Formative Assessments

Current events on inventions

Primary and Secondary sources assignment

The Sevens have started their unit on the Renaissance. For their summative assignment the students will be expected to present a research of a Renaissance idea. To prepare for this assignment the students will be practicing how to evaluate sources the coming lessons. The students have already made a start by discussing sources about their own lives they had brought to class and discussing the difference between primary and secondary sources.
The Renaissance is the rebirth of classical ideas. Therefore we have gone over the ideas, but also accomplishments of the Ancient Greeks and Romans during the first week of the unit. During one lesson the students have experienced firsthand how the Romans would build their famous arches by building Roman arches out of waffles. (Oliver’s and Seung Woo‘s arch was strong enough to hold a bottle of water!)



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We have been discussing the positive and negative effects of globalization and its overall impact on native cultures. We will begin constructing our personal geographies this week and investigating how we are linked to the world through the foods we eat, the products we buy, the clothes we wear, the movies we watch, the books we read, the music we listen to, and so on. In addition to an inventory and description of these links, students will draw a map showing the origins and location of each link. The Personal Geography is due on Tuesday, Sep. 20. Task outline and rubric can be found here:

Siar Island,
We've begun work on our unit project. A large, multinational corporation wants to build an airport on a small tropical island near the equator. Students must evaluate the short- and long-term economic, environmental and cultural impact of allowing the airport to be built. Task outline and rubric can be found here:

b-16259_camel_jordanian_desert.jpgGrade 7 continues their study of globalization by exploring life along the ancient Silk Road. We began this unit by putting on a classroom bazaar during which students honed their bartering skills as they fought for the best deals. In the offing were such sought-after gems as a Build-a-Bear, Gummi Bears, Korean noodles and the Indiana Jones trilogy on one DVD!

Major trade cities along the Silk Road:

Journal and postcard task outline and due dates: