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Student-led conferences will be held on Thursday 29 May. School will end at 13:35 that day and conferences will begin at 14:00 and finish at 19:30. After-school activities are cancelled that day to make more time for conferences. Please have your child indicate your time preference on the Student-Led Conference Sign Up Sheet located on the homeroom doors. Looking forward to seeing you there!

HELLO, parents and students, and welcome to our class wiki. This will be ground zero for everything that's happening in World Studies this year and I encourage you all to check it regularly. The site will be an ongoing and evolving project throughout the school year and its content will hopefully grow richer as we progress and I become more tech savvy.

Most of our returning students I have gotten to over the past few years and I had the pleasure of meeting some of our new families during orientation. For those I haven't met, let me offer a brief intro. My name is Sean Dooley and I’m from Los Angeles. I began my teaching career as an academic tutor while I was a student at the University of California at Los Angeles . I went on to teach at both public and private schools in and around the Beverly Hills school district. I’ve been teaching at WIS since I moved here in 2009, when I also began teaching English as a second language. In addition to teaching World Studies this year, I’ll be the be the classroom advisor for Grade 8 and the Diploma Programme coordinator. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at Or you may contact the school at:

  • Telephone: +48 71 782 26 26
  • Fax: +48 71 782 26 20
  • E-Mail:

Teacher_Wiki_Pic.jpgI realize that because World Studies incorporates a variety of disciplines from the social sciences--history, political science, economics--along with a good deal of geography and religious studies, it can feel a little overwhelming at times and difficult to encapsulate. So I think it's helpful if we think about this course in terms of LOCATION and simply ask ourselves where are people, events, and ideas located? Where are they physically, historically, politically, economically and spiritually? And how did they get there? I look forward exploring these questions with all of you and I'm especially excited about discussing some of the political and economic upheavals that have taken place more recently and that even our younger students have had a chance to witness and be affected by. It's going to be fun!

But first, some house keeping. Below you'll find a brief outline of expectations for everyone involved in the learning process in order to make it as effective as possible.

Teacher expectations:
  • Be prepared and prompt for lessons
  • Cell phone will remain on silent during lessons
  • Eating will not be allowed in the classroom
  • Be respectful and caring towards the WIS community (students, parents, faculty and staff)
  • Be consistent and fair to all students
  • Maintain dialogue with parents
  • Update class wiki regularly

Parent expectations:
  • Ensure your student is on time for school everyday
  • Support student expectations
  • Maintain dialogue with teacher
  • Keep up to date with school activities and events through WIS wikis.

Student expectations:
  • Be respectful

    • of yourself

    • of others

    • of the environment (classroom, school, and community)

Be responsible

    • of our own leaning by
      • asking for clarification and explanation when necessary
      • catching up on missed work when absent
    • Be on time (for school and classes)
    • Be prepared for all your classes: pencil case, notebook, reading journal, writing journal, folder for handouts, homework diary and an English reading book
    • Keep mobile phones on silent mode
  • Be engaged

    • Recorded homework in homework diaries

    • Meet homework diaries

    • Use class time appropriately

    • Actively participate in class


1st Infraction Official warning/quiet chat.
2nd Infraction Meeting with Advisor.
3rd Infraction Student writes a reflection about what they did and how they can fix it. Email is sent to parents
4th Infraction Meeting with the School Counselor. Email is sent to parents
5th Infraction Meeting with parents.
6th Infraction Meeting with administrators, parents and advisor.

Homework expectations:
  • Wroclaw International School’s Homework Policy is intended for students, parents and teachers. It lays out the clear expectations, beliefs and practice of homework assignments and provides information about the type and timing of homework for our students from Grade 1 to Grade 10.


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